Warren Poslusny Tuition Grant

The Grant: $500 tuition grant awarded to the most outstanding, B-Section incoming freshman male applicant, regardless of whether that person ever pledges ΣΑΕ or not (selection to be determined by Michigan Epsilon officers). The award check will be paid jointly to the incoming freshman and to the University. Payment will be made by the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation (Evanston, IL) from the Michigan Epsilon Chapter Education Fund. Please return the form (attached below) to the ΣAE chapter house, located one block north of campus at 1509 University Ave, Flint, MI 48504 by Tuesday, October 25th, 2011. The grant will be awarded at our “True Gentlemen” Preference Dinner on the night of the following Monday, October 31st, 2011.

Bio: Poslusny, whose hometown was Chicago, graduated from Kettering (GMI) in 1969 as a Sobey Scholar with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He subsequently received his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After working in R&D for Detroit Diesel Allison (his Kettering co-op sponsor) in Indianapolis for several years, he moved to Hawaii and subsequently founded an environmental services company with divisions that recycled oil/solvent/tires/antifreeze, distributed environmental products, managed hazardous waste, and performed environmental consulting with a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory. Based in Honolulu, the company had offices on all major Hawaiian Islands as well as Guam, and performed services for corporate and governmental clients throughout the Pacific Basin. Poslusny retired fifteen years later, and now dedicates his time to philanthropic endeavors.

Reflections: Attending Kettering (GMI) was one of the best decisions I ever made because of the extraordinary educational benefit a person receives when quality classroom instruction is coupled with practical work experience. However, that educational package was enriched and enhanced by becoming a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, which gave me an incredible wealth of knowledge about living and working together as a team, sharing common goals with a band of brothers, and creating friendships that would last a lifetime. Without question, the leadership and social skills I developed because of ΣΑΕ have been an exceptionally positive influence throughout my entire life. It is an experience which I heartily recommend to all incoming freshmen!

Trivia: Poslusny (nickname “Pos”) was the last person to pledge Phi Tau Alpha (during B-Section, spring semester of 1965, he was a pledge class of one) and was thus a “charter member” when Michigan Epsilon became a chapter of ΣΑΕ on November 6, 1965. By the way, in 1969, three graduating GMI students received the Albert Sobey Memorial Award —- all were ΣΑΕs (Don Salatich, Dick Bagozzi, and Warren Poslusny).  Poslusny has continued his involvement with ΣΑΕ on the national level, serving as a Foundation Trustee from 1999 to 2005, and then served as the Honorary Eminent Supreme Archon of ΣΑΕ from 2007 until 2009. In July 2011 Poslusny was presented with the Distinguished Service Award at the Memphis Convention, and is still very active today – he is currently Chairman of the Fraternity Investment Committee and is also President of the Southern Nevada Alumni Association.

To quote Pos: “ΣΑΕ is for life!”

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  2. […] check out our $500 Warren Poslusny Tuition Grant, awarded every fall. You can download the form here and return to any brother by fouth week, […]

  3. […] check out our $500 Warren Poslusny Tuition Grant, awarded every fall. You can download the form here and return to any brother by fouth week, […]

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