This page is dedicated to the recently-graduated alumni from our chapter

Congratulations and thank you!

–Graduated Spring 2018–

Name: Aarin-Michael Egleston
Employer: Toledo Engineering Co.
Past Positions: Eminent Archon (x2); Steward, Scholarship Chair
Biography: Pre-Graduation: “My name is Aarin Egleston, I am a Senior at Kettering University.  I currently have an internship at Bleistahl North America located in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering, with a minor in business in the hopes that one day that I will not be working in the automotive field but instead in anything else like Bicycles at Trek in Waterloo, WI.  The reason I chose to join Sigma Alpha Epsilon is because of the rich history of the fraternity  and the true brotherhood that is made with every member in the house.  Some of my interests are hiking, hunting, swimming, mudding and long walks on the beach.”

–Graduated Spring 2017–

Name: Justin Broderick
Employer: Takata
Positions Held: Eminent Deputy Archon, Co-Member Educator, Member Educator, Eminent Deputy Archon (x2), Eminent Warden, Athletic Chair
Biography: Pre-Graduation: ” My name is Justin Broderick. I grew up around Macomb Township. I graduated from Dakota High School and then came to Kettering. In high school, I went through a four year engineering program offered through the school. This is one of the ways I discovered Kettering. Kettering is a perfect school to get actual job experience and a degree at the same time. I plan to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is a great Fraternity and I am very glad I was able to become a member. I have not and will never regret that decision. The Fraternity really is a true brotherhood. We are all united together. Everyone is very respectful and represents the True Gentleman. My contact info is: 586-932-7276 or Feel free to contact me anytime.”

Name: Scott Giroux
Positions Held: Eminent Recorder, Eminent Warden, Health and Safety Manager
Biography: Pre-Graduation: “My name is Scott Giroux, a proud member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I am currently enrolled to become a Mechanical Engineer and specializing in automotive design. Coming to Kettering was an easy choice after I heard of the co-op program, but choosing to become a member of ΣAE was probably the best decision I could have made. The house represents a true brotherhood and has already shown me what it has to offer. It has allowed me to grow as a person, become more mature and take on more responsibility.
I grew up in Metro Detroit (downriver) and graduated from Carlson High School. I spent most of my days playing hockey or skateboarding. I enjoy watching sports and hanging out with friends. Ever since I got my license, I’ve really enjoyed driving. I’ve made some pretty long road trips and enjoyed every minute. I try to travel as much as i can…theres so much to see and just not enough time. I’m always looking for something fun and exciting to do so give me a call at (734) 558-0886 or at If you have any questions regarding the Fraternity, dont be hesitant to ask..”

Name: Jared Wilks
Positions Held: Eminent Archon, Steward
Biography: Pre-Graduation: “My name is Jared Wilks; I am a senior at Kettering University. I’m currently enrolled to get a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree and a business minor. I was born and raised in the great state of Michigan, in the Metro Detroit area. I graduated from Dakota High school in Macomb, MI where I was a varsity wrestler. Soon after college I hope to go back to school and get a Master’s in Business and Administration. My first year at Kettering I probably made the best decision I’ve yet to make in college, going Greek and more importantly joining Sigma Alpha Epsilon. In this fraternity everyone is like family, it is a true brotherhood. The reason I joined ΣAE is because this fraternity really seemed to push and support the idea of the true gentleman, which I thought was awesome. ΣAE is also one of the biggest fraternities in the world which was also pretty appealing. I am a big thrill seeker, I have been sky diving twice and I will soon go again. I just recently bought a motorcycle and I’m pretty much always done to do any type of thrill seeking activity. I enjoy watching sports and hanging out with friends. There is also a couple of tv shows that I am addicted to like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and Dexter. I work at Eaton in Marshall, MI; there I work in the Torque Controls Products Division. I love my job and the people there. Best part of the job is getting to test drive the different trucks on the off road courses.”

–Graduated Spring 2016–

Name: Spencer Hayes
Employer: FCA US
Positions Held: Eminent Co-Herald, Philanthropy Chair, Scholarship Chair, Member Educator, Eminent Herald, Herald Recruit, Steward
Biography: Pre-Graduation: “My name is Spencer Michael Hayes, born March 7th, 1993. I am the newest and youngest brother of the house having just completed pledging last school term, the spring of 2012. I picked Kettering because of their renowned engineering program, and am majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I became a brother of SAE because of the brotherhood, support in school, support in life, connections, and because they are awesome. I really made this brief, so feel free to call or text me at (517) 215-0520, email me at, or find me on campus.”

–Graduated Spring 2015–

Name: Caleb Lambert
Employer: FCA US
Positions Held: Member Educator, Athletics Chair
Biography: Pre-Graduation: “Hi my name is Caleb Lambert. I am a senior at Kettering University. My co-op is with Eaton Corporation in Kalamazoo, MI. I was born In Petoskey, Michigan and lived there until college. I play almost any sport there is. Into motorcycles, guns, working out, and getting my ‘nerd’ on.”

–Graduated Fall 2014–

Name: Kristian Cunningham
Employer: Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies
Positions Held: Co-Recruitment Chair, Eminent Archon, Eminent Deputy Archon, Eminent Chaplain, Scholarship Chair
Biography: Pre-Graduation: “My name is Kristian Cunningham. Originally from northern Wisconsin, I studied chemistry at Hope College in Holland, MI before transferring to Kettering for chemical engineering and the co-op program. I work for Cooper Tire in Findlay, OH. After school I would like use my background in chemistry to do research, but I am not sure in which field yet.

I came to Kettering with no plans to join a fraternity, but the brotherhood of ΣAE and their creed, the True Gentleman, were what drew me in. I joined the Fraternity for the networking, leadership opportunities, and brotherhood, and it has been one of the best decisions of my life so far. I am currently the vice president and scholarship chair.

In my free time I play a lot of music. I play guitar, mandolin, harmonica, and piano. I love to play and watch sports. I follow the Packers and Brewers and my favorite sports to play are volleyball, basketball, soccer, and baseball. Some other hobbies and interests of mine are mountain biking, disc golf, and snowboarding. I like watching random stuff on Netflix, playing video games, hanging out, and just kicking back and relaxing. I’m always down to get a pickup game going or play some video games so hit me up at 715-209-6740 or”

–Graduated Fall 2013–

Name: Alex Miller
Employer: Bourns Automotive
Positions Held: Eminent Archon, Eminent Treasurer, Eminent Co-Chaplain, Eminent Chaplain
Biography: Pre-Graduation: “My name is Alex Miller and I am the current Eminent Archon for Sigma Alpha Epsilon B Section. I transferred to Kettering University from Wright State University in Dayton, OH. I am a senior III with plans to graduate this winter with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Previously I was the Treasurer and Eminent Chaplin for the chapter.
Before Kettering, I had little knowledge of fraternities other than the few instances of pledge activity I saw at Wright State. No one could explain what a fraternity actually was. At Kettering, I met a man I would later call a Brother. He explained to me the brotherhood of ΣAE, the creed the True Gentleman, and the way of life a fraternity man should live. The decision to join Sigma Alpha Epsilon was an easy one. The opportunities available to learn and develop myself as a True Gentleman have been life-changing experiences.
In my free time I enjoy tinkering with my motorcycles or working out. My favorite bike is an orange stunt bike that I spend more time upgrading and fixing than I do actual riding. Other hobbies include the occasional video games, cooking extravagant meals (triple stuffed pizza), and hanging out with our alumni. I like to be up and active so whatever your fancy there is always something happening at ΣAE.”

Name: Joshua Sacco
Positions Held: Eminent Recorder, Eminent Chronicler (x2), Eminent Correspondant, Scholarship Chair, Risk Manager
Biography: Pre-Graduation: “I was born and raised in Watertown New York, a small city off the northern shores of Lake Ontario. I came to Kettering due to the solid engineering program and the chance to leave college with not only a degree but also some on-the-job experience. I joined Sigma Alpha Epsilon for the close friendship, house unity, and the opportunity to grow while holding true to strong values.”

–Graduated Spring 2013–

Name: James Baer
Employer: Faurecia
Positions Held: Eminent Deputy Archon, Scholarship Chair, Eminent Warden (x2), Eminent Correspondent, Eminent Recorder
Biography: Pre-Graduation: “I joined Sigma Alpha Epsilon in the fall of 2009 and I often regard that decision as one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I grew up in Toledo, Ohio and have lived in the same house my entire life. I went to high school at the Toledo Technology Academy which was a school designed as a charter school that specialized in manufacturing technologies. Along with our regular core studies, we worked in “Lab Classes” which taught me everything from basic sheet metal work to machining and even PLC programming. For my Senior Capstone project, my partner and I designed and fabricated a completely autonomous lawnmower.
Growing up, I was really into music and football. I played football from 7th grade until I was a senior in high school, when I gave that up to come to Kettering University. I began my music career in 7th grade as well, starting off with the study of the clarinet. I followed up my freshmen year by beginning to play to oboe and later the English horn, both of which I played in the Toledo Youth Orchestra, which was a concentration of students throughout northwest Ohio. I am currently involved with many instruments including the guitar, bass, piano, hand bells and the previously mentioned instruments. Other activities that I am involved in/with include classic cars, BMX, ATVs, fishing and marksmanship.
When I finish at Kettering, I hope to work a few years with the company that I am currently employed with (Faurecia Emission Control Technologies) to save enough money to start my own business. I would like to start my own garage and begin to design, manufacture and market performance parts for import and domestic vehicles, as well as get into rally racing.”

Name: Alan Bedewi
Employer: FEV Inc.
Positions Held: Co-Recruitment Chair, Risk Manager, Pledge Educator, Eminent Herald, Eminent Co-Herald
Biography: Pre-Graduation: “I was born in Brooklyn, NY and spent most of my childhood growing up in the suburbs of New Jersey. As a kid, I was always interested in engineering and design work. Many days were spent working on dirtbikes and four wheelers in the middle of the woods with my friends.
Kettering seemed like an obvious choice for my career path in Engineering, so I obtained a Co-Op position at FEV, Inc. in Auburn hills in July of 2008. I work with state of the art technology and learn valuable skills and knowledge on a daily basis.
After 2 terms at the University, I joined the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity on campus. Since my freshman year, I have been the Eminent Herald and the IT Manager of the chapter, currently I am still IT Manager, and now Risk Manager. Being a brother of Sigma Alpha Epsilon has been an extremely rewarding lifestyle and has helped mold me into a True Gentleman.”

Name: Corey Judkins
Positions Held: Eminent Warden, Eminent Tresurer, Co-Recruitment Chairman (x2)
Biography: Pre-Graduation: “I am from western New York, about an hour and a half south of Buffalo. Currently I am a senior I at Kettering University for mechanical and electrical engineering.  I have a co-operative job at a company called Dresser-Rand that makes industrial compressors and rotating equipment for the petroleum and petrochemical industries.  I pledged Sigma Alpha Epsilon in the spring of 2009, and I currently hold the Co-Recruitment position in the house.  Some of the things that I enjoy are snowboarding (pretty much anything outdoors) and hanging out with everyone from the house.  I am restoring a 1979 454 C20 and I own a 1999 Firebird that I use as my daily driver all year.  I hope to move out of New York and go somewhere where there are good job opportunities and a lot of stuff to do.”

Name: Adam Piper
Employer: General Motors
Positions Held: Pledge Educator, Eminent Herald, Eminent Deputy Archon, Eminent Co-Herald
Biography: Pre-Graduation: “I lived in Michigan until I was 5 then moved to Indiana. I moved to Italy after that, where I stayed for 4 years. Both my parents went to GMI and worked for GM and now so do I. I’ve always been in a GM family so I guess that would explain why I bought a Camaro.  It’s murdered out, I’m looking into mechanicals but they’re quite expensive.  I’m a senior right now and dual-majoring in mechanical and electrical engineering. I currently am the pledge educator of ΣAE.”

Name: Blake Hedges
Employer: General Motors
Positions Held: Eminent Archon, Risk Manager, Steward
Biography: Pre-Graduation: “I am Blake Hedges and I am a Mechanical Engineering major from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I pledged Sigma Alpha Epsilon in the spring of 2010 and am currently the Eminent Archon.  I, like most students, came to Kettering for the co-op but have found that the brothers of the house are the reason for coming back to school each term.

My interests include cars and most outdoor activities.  I have several projects that I never really have enough time to work on and I will always help out other people when they have something that needs fixed.  I like to go camping and hiking to get a break away from day to day things and clear my mind.  I never really played any sports but I did get into BMX riding and still ride when I have time.”

–Graduated Fall 2012–

Name: Sam Schira
Employer: FCA US
Positions Held: Eminent Archon, Risk Manager (x2), Eminent Treasurer, Eminent Chronicler, Eminent Correspondent
Biography: Pre-Graduation: “My name is Sam Schira; I was previously the Eminent Archon at this chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I am a M.E. with a passion for cars. The current project car I have is a Nissan 240SX. It has a turbocharged engine and various other bolt-on modifications. I would like to work in the automotive industry for my long term career. My Co-op position is at Bourns Automotive in Auburn Hills. Although I work in Michigan, I am originally from Ohio, south of Cleveland. Other than Cars I enjoy mixed martial arts and running in the spare time I have between school and work.”

Name Kyle Paulsen
Employer: FCA US
Positions Held: Eminent Treasurer, Eminent Recorder, Eminent Chronicler
Biography: “My first term at Kettering was in the Fall term of 2008. Originating from Royal Oak, Michigan, where I had lived all my life, beginning my college experience at Kettering was a little intimidating, giving the nature of the school – and the reputation of Flint. I really didn’t know what to expect. However, I connected very quickly with the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon (at the chapter house which, at that time, was still located on the multi-acre plot on Beecher Rd) and never looked back. I was initiated as a brother with my pledge class in Spring of 2009, and can only look back on all the experiences with positive thoughts and a huge smile – it was by far the best decision of my college career.

During my time as an active brother, I first held the position of Eminent Chronicler – a recent historian, of sorts. After this I held the position of Eminent Recorder – the brother in charge of taking notes at meetings and keeping the rest of the brothers informed and reminded of what was said and done. My final position was that of Eminent Treasurer – this coincided with the second term in the brand new 1509 University chapter house, and was a great way to prove what I was worth, with managing a budget, payments, expenses and a whole pile of receipts – but it really brought out the best in me, helping me really be the best I could be. I’ve made lifelong friends. Lifelong brothers. People who I know I can always count on to give me a hand if I’m in need – or just to be there to share a couple beers with, relax and remember all those good times.

Being a brother of Sigma Alpha Epsilon is more than what you’d expect – it holds you to a higher standard, as do your brothers – and your own self. I’ve learned a lot during my time as an active brother and I can honestly say that being an ΣAE is what really helped me grow as a person compared to my high-school self. I would not be where I am today, or as happy as I am today if I had not joined Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Being able to connect with a complete stranger, right after you find out that they are an ΣAE from a different chapter – even one in a different state, is something that is always a great experience. I’ve met them on the job – and even wandering the streets of downtown Chicago. You just instantly share something that nobody else can understand – what it means to be a True Gentleman.”

Name: Demetri Kraniak
Employer: GKN Driveline
Positions Held: Scholarship Chair, Steward, Eminent Chronicler, Eminent Correspondent
Biography: Pre-Graduation: “Hi, my Name is Demetri, but everyone calls me DJ. My hobbies include automotive restoration and performance modification.  I spend a lot of my free time working on my ’88 Mustang.  I currently have about 2000 hours into working on it and I enjoy taking it to Kettering Firebirds car club events, as well as the occasional car cruise.  I also enjoy water sports, outdoor activities, partying, and just hanging out with friends.   As for school, I am a senior III studying ME with a business minor.  I am also Secretary of Firebirds car club.  This is my third year at Kettering and I will be graduating in December because I completed most of my core credit classes in community college.  I appreciated the quality of the education and professors here quite a bit after attending community college.  It is also much more fun here at Kettering, believe it or not!   I joined this house because of the pride I saw in all the brothers along with how close they all were.  They have grown to be some of my best friends and I will never forget all the great memories that I have made with them throughout my Kettering experience.  Joining SAE was definitely one of the best decisions I have made thus far in my college career.  As a senior about to graduate, I am also grateful for all of the business opportunities that SAE has also opened up for me.  When looking for a career, sometimes personal connections in the industry are the most important part to getting a position that you really desire, and SAE has given me several.   I enjoy all the house has to offer, both academically and socially.”

–Graduated Spring 2012–

Name: Breton Inman
Employer: Eaton
Positions Held: Eminent Deputy Archon, Grandpa Rush, Recruitment Chair (x2), Scholarship Chair, Pledge Educator
Biography: “I graduated in the Spring of 2012 with a degree in mechanical engineering. During my time at Kettering, I grew the most from my experiences as a brother of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. When I first came to Kettering I feel like I was pretty awkward (like most Kettering students are), but joining ΣAE really let me break out of my shell and find out who I was. ΣAE gave me many opportunities I would have never had if I stayed independant, or joined another fraternity. Being a part of something greater really helped me to learn a sense of pride and responsibility that I never had. And something as large as ΣAE was crazy to contribute to. During my time in the house, I held recruitment chair a few times, scholarship chair once, and eminent deputy archon (VP) for a year. Recruitment taught me how to be socialable, meet new people, and build ever lasting bonds with future brothers. Scholarship chair taught me the importance of my performance in class and how to improve the study habits of myself and all my brothers around me. VP taught me how to lead, micromanage, and report back to the president all the inner workings of the house. People depended on me, and I depended on them, and it was a great feeling knowing that your actions made such a difference on something so important to so many.

Not only that, but these people are my brothers and my best friends. The relationships built by those living within the walls of the michigan epsilon chapter of ΣAE are something special. Having a close group of people with the same beliefs and ideals as you, ready to support and help you with any struggle, and be there for all the good times and bad, was the best resource anyone could ask for. Without my brothers I may have not lasted at Kettering. When classes got tough, my brothers helped me pick up the pieces. If my personal life was going through some turbulence, they helped me get back on my feet. There is a bond that is much greater than friendship, and that’s the brotherhood I got from ΣAE.

Not only that, but ΣAE continues to affect me after graduation. I still see my brothers on a regular basis and have even bumped into some new ones along the way. One of the higher up managers at my company happens to be an ΣAE from my very same chapter some years ago. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is the largest national fraternity with over 300,000 members, and that continues to show today. And with such a strong base, there’s always something exciting happeneing in ΣAE. I look forward to our chapter’s annual canoe trip every spring, and we continue to start new traditions including motorcycle meet-ups and ski/snowboard trips becoming more and more frequent.

Truth is that ΣAE shaped me into the person I am today. Without the experiences I had in this house, I dont know where I would be today, but I am truly thankful for all the great times I had in Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and I look forward to many more enjoyable memories with the brothers of ΣAE. If you are reading this as a potential recruit, I ask you to read our crede, The True Gentlemen. Do you want people to read this and think of you? If so, pledge ΣAE.”

–Graduated Fall 2011–

Name: Josh Butler
Positions Held: Co-Recruitment Chairman, Steward
Biography: Pre-Graduation: “I’m from Walled Lake, MI. I work at Inergy Automotive in Troy, MI. I’m a senior 1 at Kettering university and I’m getting a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering. Ive played hockey my whole life and recently Ive started training in MMA for the past 9 months or so. I also live on Wolverine lake and I like to participate in any watersports like tubing, water skiing, wakeboarding, or just boating.”

Name: Shane Skop
Employer: Continental Structural Plastics
Positions Held: Eminent Archon, Eminent Treasurer, German Connection
Biography: Pre-Graduation: “My name is Shane and I joined SAE in the spring of 2008 and have not looked back since. I am from Lapeer, MI about 20 minutes from Flint, where I graduated from Lapeer East High School. I am currently a Senior III Chemistry major at Kettering and I co-op in Troy, MI at Continental Structural Plastics. After graduation I am planning on going to grad school to get my Phd. I am usually pretty active and like to play most sports.
I have been the treasurer and the eminent Archon of the chapter and also held the position of secretary on the Interfraternity council at Kettering. The lessons I have learned while in this fraternity will be invaluable to me in my life after college.”

Name: Alec Woll
Employer: AAP St. Marys Corp
Positions Held: Pledge Educator, Eminent Deputy Archon, Scholarship Chair, Eminent Chaplain, Eminent Warden, German Connection
Biography: Pre-Graduation: “My name is Alec Woll. I am from Columbia City, Indiana. I am currently a Senior III and majoring in Mechanical Engineer with a biomedical engineering applications concentration. My hobbies are hunting, fishing, basketball, and running. I like the outdoors and am a hard worker. I have grown up on a farm and can run most of the equipment. I have been in 4-H for ten years and raised cows and hogs. I am a responsible person and know a little about a lot of things.